Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lost in my dreams…

Lost in the dream of your beautiful smile,
Holding your hand and walking all miles.
The magic of your voice left me with awe,
Everything seemed against the nature’s law.
You spin my world up side down,
With your laughter, smile and frowns.
You’re my light in a dark and lonely night,
Staying with you just seems so right.
I wish I had read your mind,
But I wouldn’t have known what to find.
I’m getting used to the fact that you’re not mine,
I’d love you as long as all stars shine.
Lost in that same dream I tell to you,
“Baby how much I love you.”

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whispers to the wind

Your gone with the wind, 
Like fallen leaf.
Flying with freedom,
Leaving me in grief.
I’m not singing in sorrow,
It’s such waste for you.
I’m not trying to put in words,
My love for you.
I’m speaking to the winds,
To take you far away.
Across all oceans and bay.
Never come back,
That’s all I’ll pray.
You’ve broken my heart,
For which you’ll pay.
Remember I’d be someone’s,
The day you realized what you’d missed,
Smiling at the wind,
In the early morning mist.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hmmmmmmm know y am I writing this???????? Ya coz an amazing academic year of my life has come to an end ( I know 11th’s going to be fun , still…..). Yay 10th is done for gods sake but it has been this most wonder full year 4 me lots and lots of new things I learnt ( I’m not talking about my text books here though I had to learn from them too :P 

I learnt life is this wacky roller coaster ride which u got to control all by your self coz u have the ppl u love sitting behind u. Ok now humans are creatures who have to be thought things and given practical sessions, so tat it stays in their freaking mind……… and my 10th has been the practical session of my life!!!! From small fights to huge crushes ( ok I know all of u know whom I’m talking about so no need of those evil smiles out there ) thought me big things like friendship and small things like atomic no. of platinum respectively. :P 

I know life can be more fun and I’ll get to meet more ppl but the ones I met this year are close to my heart. Some stay as my best friends and some part away from me .So this stupid emotional and idiotic note is 4 every one who have been a part of my 10th and have created amazing memories for me to carry over for my entire life!!!!!!!!! I’ll miss u 10th :( :(


It pains not to see your smile,
The one brighter than sunshine.
Waiting for your touch to wake me,
As I’m dying in my dream.
My love seems so far away,
Becoming darker day by day.
Echoes of your laughter in my head,
I’m left with no tears to shed.
It’s time I go with the sands,
Not wait for you to stretch hands.
But still I hold on to that hope…
Like hanging from a cliff holding on a rope. 

A Si(sling) Moment

When u have your exams throttling your neck, your interest level in everything else is immense!!! Even the N’th repeat of Roadies is amazing (even without taking MOHIT’s part into consideration).

Now won’t you jump at every option you get of stepping out of the house, especially after a morning of Sanskrit at your friends place?? With that soul reason I was all set to go to my sister’s annual day. OK now if anyone has the slightest hope that it would be fun……… you are very wrong!! of course to see tiny tots shaking their legs 4 the fast numbers is a great thing to watch and listen to them say ’ Thirukurals ‘ which even I cant get right is an ‘Awww…’ thing 

Now back to the plot I go sit there. They start with this traditional ‘lighting the lamp‘ ceremony and welcome speech to the chief guest and cal over the chief guest for a speech. Then you have an IPS speaking about value of education and u go “Oh my god! “. So you go for a small walk, meet some small kids and play on the swing (yepi…….. better than tat speech) and finally return to your seat right on time for the program. Watch all those little wonders dance to a theme “Dances of the world “. Then comes the most awaited part, the grand entry of my beloved sister (ok now don’t laugh, she is beloved). And then 5 6 7 8…….you see a most amazing side of my sister!! After her dance she comes running to to me and gives me a huge hug and asks “ Akka, did I dance like you ? ‘ with this big proud smile on my face I reply ‘ you danced better Bebo ! ‘ and gave her a kiss . even though that pride and love lasted only seconds ( until our fight over ice cream flavor ) it felt like it’s worth the lecture that made my history lessons an un-put-down able read !!!

Beginning of the End

I don’t know how long you'll stay, 
Forever is short for me anyway.
Stay with me till the breeze dies,
I don’t care if I have to put up with your lies.

I can’t think of anything but you,
So just hold my hand for a min or two.
Smile at me as if nothings gone wrong,
Listen to me sing my favorite song.

I know everything around me is not true,

I close my eyes and picture you.
Knowing that you’d be gone,
Left with no shoulders to cry upon.

My Unsung Song

Early sunshine seemed so dull
Morning breeze felt so dry
Sweet little birds’ voices soulless
White waves pounced aimless

Black ‘n’ White they seemed to me
All until a split second
A sudden thought of you and me
Quick & Short it stayed

A small smile filled my lips
To an unsung song I swayed
I looked up the sun
Whose rays seemed so bright now

And the birds were singing now
My beat fit into the wave’s rhythm
Telling your name every second
Colors flew from the morning sky

To radiate the feeling of that split second
A tear rolled down wondering where you are
But I still kept the smile you loved
And walked in to the sea

Your deep brown eyes flashed inside once
Giving hope and belief to me
I know you would be back one day
And I would be at ease that very day.